Update on Donovan’s Sentence

Dearest Community,
Today the judge announced his decision to a room packed full of support for Donovan and his family.
Donovan’s sentence was not unexpected. He was given 5 years for the weapon possession charge. As you know, he has already served more than 5 years and this will be taken into account.
It was difficult to watch this young man, who we all love, taken back into custody. But we take heart knowing that this will only be for a few days while the bureaucracy is sorted out. He will be home soon with a new life ahead of him.
The judge made it clear that he was impressed by the great deal of community support behind Donovan. Know that you have made a difference in the life of this young man and his family.
We thank you.

One Response to “Update on Donovan’s Sentence”

  1. Joe Cerna

    Stop the atrocities to innocent people..Free this man, stop wasting taxpayer money for wrongful accusations!……FREE DONOVAN NOW!