Update on Donovan’s Custody Status

As you know, Donovan was given a 5 sentence that should amount to time served. He was taken back into custody after the hearing.
As we gathered in front of the courthouse, Donovan’s attorney told us that the typical routine is that he would be in for just a couple of days for ‘processing’ then he’d be free on probation.
It’s really no surprise that the DA’s games have resumed and Donovan is still in custody. We do believe this will be cleared up and he’ll be returned to us soon.
We’ll give you more details as soon as we have them and we’re free to do so, in the meantime, please stay vigilant. Keep sharing and talking about Donovan. Let’s let them know we’re still watching.
Once again, we thank you for your continued support

UPDATE 10/2/13
Donovan has been released and is safe in the arms of this family.
The battle is not completely finished. Please stay tuned.

UPDATE: 9/27/13
Donovan is no longer in solitary & progress is being made. We will update you as soon as we’re able.

UPDATE: 9/23/13
The DA/DOC is claiming that Donovan ‘owes’ them 122 days of solitary confinement.
We’ll keep you updated to the best of our ability as things progress.
In the coming days we may be asking you to make calls and write more letters on Donovan’s behalf.
Please stay on alert.