Victory 4Donovan!!

Kim lesley, Donovan & Ronny Drayton
Dear Supporters,

We are overjoyed to tell you that on July 25, 2013 Donovan Drayton was acquitted of all but one lesser charge. (possession of a weapon )

While we are disappointed that the jury did not include the weapon charge on the list of “Not Guilty” verdicts, we consider the verdicts as a whole to be a victory.
This has been a very long 6 years for Donovan, his family and those of us who love them.  The family is taking a break to rest, recover and rejoice.

In the meantime, we ask you to rejoice with us but know that we still need you to stay engaged.
We are set to return to court in September for a sentencing hearing.
We anticipate that the judge will consider the time Donovan has already spent in prison and factor in Donovan’s good character and vast community support. We do not expect him to spend any more time behind bars, but we must remain vigilant.
We will be asking you to write letters of support to the judge (Hon. Judge James P. Griffin) and attend the hearing. We’ll provide you with that information in the coming days.

There is also the matter of the great amount of debt that Ronny has incurred. If you wish to contribute to Donovan’s defense fund, please visit this page for information on our fundraising efforts.

With much love and gratitude,
Ronny, Kim, Donovan and the 4Donovan community.

The verdicts:

• Felony Murder : NOT GUILTY
• Two Counts of Attempted Robbery in the 1st: NOT GUILTY
• Attempted Robbery 2nd degree: NOT GUILTY
• Criminal Possession of a weapon: guilty

Verdicts from the first trial :

• First Degree Murder: NOT GUILTY
• Criminal Possession of a murder weapon: NOT GUILTY
• Manslaughter In The First Degree: : NOT GUILTY