Free Donovan Drayton Soliparty

The German music community rallies to support Donovan!
on 7th June Nicholas van Pittman has organized a benefit event with Kurtis Blow, Abydos feat. Aljkzindyr Narmer, Birol Unel, Miron Zownir, Wynton Kelly Stevenson and many others to raise funds for Donovan.

Free Donovan Drayton Soliparty

Free Donovan Drayton Soliparty

Pre-trial Update from Donovan’s Father

Let me say that they have been playing games with the transcripts for check it for 5 months as we don’t have 8gs to pay for them or a paid lawyer at this time. We have a 18b and that’s another story. The new date is June 6th and we are supposed to have all the files baring any more delay tactics by DA Clark and the homicide crew. Donovan did speak in the Court room as did I to put the record straight. We have had 4 paid lawyers over the 54 months and we Will be 56 months in June.
Still no bail but they are quick to talk about trial my friends. So sign Donovan’s petition donate go to read listen watch learn and help us bring him home. Donovan does not sit in victim mode he is and has been proactive working on his case from the inside so lets do our part. Remember HE HAS NOT BEEN CONVICTED OF ANY CRIME AND WON AT TRIAL THE 1ST TIME THIS IS THE REASON FOR THEIR TREASON.

Prosecutorial Oversight: John Thompson and His Fight for justice
“In 1984, John Thompson, a 22-year-old father of two, was wrongfully convicted of two separate crimes, a robbery and murder. While facing his seventh execution date, a private investigator discovered scientific evidence of Thompson’s innocence that had been concealed for 15 years by the New Orleans Parish District Attorney’s Office. Thompson was eventually exonerated of both crimes and a jury awarded him $14 million, one million for each year he spent on death row. The state appealed and eventually the Supreme Court in a 5-4 decision in Connick v. Thompson ruled that the prosecutor’s office could not be held liable for their misdeeds.

This video tells the whole story of the investigation, John Thompson’s wrongful conviction and the struggle to prove his innocence. It is a harrowing story of just how close overzealous prosecutors came to ending one innocent man’s life and how little oversight there is preventing the same situation from occurring again.”

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Poem for Donovan by Sarah Mooney

I heard a song for you
it had no name
Played by a man who had
No face but you.
Your eyes slowly picking up
A melody
Of Faith
Of Wisdom
Of Strength
The world around carried on
Around the space
In different climate
In different seasons
It swayed
The warmth of you in winter
A Capricornina praise
The reminder that perseverance
Is freedom

He played out
your eyes and lips
And feet and arms
Intoning how
you grab and decay
The flesh of frivolity
The holy carrion of God’s sight
Like you, seeing the bright center
Forced in the core of darkest injustice
Displaced for the dark men
Them not knowing you,men
Hold the divine dermis
Soaked in the blessed light.