Bail 4 Donovan!!!!

Friends and family,
It is with pure gratitude that I tell you all that Kim called me today as I am working to say
“Ronny they gave him bail, its 125gs”.
Dear people we have been heard and felt in a big way. Now there are things to do
We will keep you all up to speed on what we need to do next.
So your help is key even if its to have him sleep on your couch. HIS SAFETY IS REAL !
He’s coming hm and let us keep that web of protection around him as the beast is pissed now.
Michael Warren is in the house. And we dance .
Its not over yet, but we will be ready this next time around
Always with respect
Ronny Drayton

Editor’s Update:
We’re happy to report that Donovan has been released on bail!
The fight isn’t over, but this is great news!

3 Responses to “Bail 4 Donovan!!!!”

  1. Stefan Droll

    Hi, my name is Stefan Droll. I’m living in Stuttgart, Germany
    First of all: Pardon me for my bad english!
    Last Night me and my buddy Michael went to the “Hendrix tribute” at the BIX Club, featuring Ronny Drayton, T.M. Stevens and Keith LeBlanc. During the show Ronny Drayton told us about his son Donovan and the fight for his release from jail. I think, the audience was moved. After the show i went home and i searched and found this site on the web and some clips on youtube. This to read and to see these clips helped me to understand my first impression when i saw Ronny Drayton. I saw an exhausted soul… But i also saw a strong fighting proud man!
    Me and my pal recognized, that we didn’t just went to a great show… it was also a lesson in fighting for your civil rights in “the land of the free”. We hope to have helped you by purchasing the tickets to win this fight. And we try to “spread the word” about your fight. Perhaps you can do it also by trying to get the attention of the foreign press in the US. In Germany we got a very well known independent newsmagazine from Hamburg called “Der Spiegel”. It is read all over the world and also in the US by german people and others. It’s famous (and feared by several governments) for the research and the accuracy in its articles. “Der Spiegel” got 2 foreign representations (in New York/in Washington DC) and perhaps they are interested in your story… It’s another small step to get you heard, but it’s a step…
    The contact details:
    Ullrich Fichtner, Thomas Schulz, 10 E 40th Street, Suite 3400, New York, N Y 10016, Tel. (212) 2217583, Fax 3026258
    Marc Hujer, Dr. Gregor Peter Schmitz, 1202 National Press Building, Washington, D.C. 20 045, Tel. (202) 3475222, Fax 3473194

    Sending my best regards and my deep respect from Stuttgart to Ronny Drayton, his family and friends

    Stefan Droll

    P.S.: Thank you Ronny, for the music…

    • 4Donovan

      Thank you Stefan!
      I’ve sent your message on to the family.
      Your support is much appreciated.


    • Ronny Drayton

      Thank you Stefan
      Yes I am doing so many one nighters back to back so it is tiring to be sure. And my fight for my son has taken but given so much more back to me because there are some basic things I have learned that I needed as a man and father. The fact that you and so many others have come on to help pray make donations and spread the work is very important and says that I am being heard thank you and I will reach out to all that can be of help. It will be a firestorm this time around from the media and all for justice .
      Ronny Drayton