A Message to the Community from Donovan

“What I am not afraid of is the physical aspect of being in jail.
What I am afraid of is that no one has any aspiration to do anything with goodness,
so… I’m getting up to run a little further today”

~Donovan Drayton


Dear Supporters,

I, Donovan Drayton am writing this letter because I have not been able to thank any of you face to face because of my current circumstances.  So I am here writing this letter so you can know how grateful I truly am.  You beautiful people are the ones that give me the strength to continue fighting, it is the energy y’all send to me that makes me strong and keeps me going.  I sit here in my jail cell writing this letter not scared any more of the case or the false charges that were brought against me as my last trial showed my innocence, knowing the only reason that that was able to happen is the fact that I had the support and prayers and love of you all, and for that I am HUMBLY thankful and in debt to you beautiful strong people forever.
So basically, I just wanted to say thank you.  None of this was achieved by my family’s efforts alone, this was a group effort for sure!!!

The prosecutor is displeased with the outcome of the first trial, he is angry that his lies did not prevail, so he wants to go to battle one more time.  He seems to not understand that God is in charge here and the Lord will not allow his child (me) to be falsely persecuted. He is blinded by his own arrogance and fury, but I believe it’s not his HUMAN self that is doing this, but the evil spirit that has taken him over.  No righteous man is doing the things he is trying to do.  So I would say, we must all come together again in order that I prevail completely in the January 2013 trial.

I have come a lot closer to God than I ever have been.  When you are going through this type of tribulation there are only but so many ways you can go when you are faced with an obstacle like this.  You can either run from God or you can run to him, I choose to run towards him and put my faith in him because no other way is guaranteed to work like the Lords and it has been proven to be the best decision I have ever made, the proof is shown by my personal growth and my situations current status.  I look back to where I used to be in terms of my circumstances and my own self, thank God I’m not where I used to be, in many respects I am seeing my own growth and God deserves all the credit for that, Lord only knows where I would have been if I had taken the plea of 18 years and did not make the decision to fight for myself, I would not have survived without faith.

Sometimes life is not how you want it to be, but if you don’t give up and you stay positive and believe you can break through you can and you will.  You don’t know what true substance you have within yourself unless you are tested.  Until then, you will never know, that’s when you truly know who you are…..and me, I’m a winner, and I will not lay down and die for a lie, so therefore I will fight always because giving up isn’t an option.  I am a gladiator like the ones from ancient Greece, they have a saying before they go into battle ” never surrender and never retreat ” they will fight for what they stand for, that is the spirit that I have taken, so that is what I will do, not just with this situation but with life period!!

So once again thank you so much to all my extended family that has believed in me.
Even with all your own problems y’all may be having in your own lives, you still send me positive energy and give me love, that is so special and amazing to me.
So once again Thank You!!  God Bless all your Souls!!
Yours Truly,
AKA Spartacus (never surrender, never retreat)

“Love, Loyalty and Trust , it is all we have”

God Bless